{RC 13] Inline annotation display error

Simple situation — I marked an indented paragraph as an inline annotation.

This is what displayed:

[attachment=0]Scrivener_inline annotation error.png[/attachment]



I think that this is in dark mode. In the default mode, the selection obeys the margins. Makes me wonder if it is only in that particular dark mode theme or if it is in all of them.

Interesting. That’s Ocean theme with some modification for fonts, etc.


Hi Thomas, could you please upload the project with a single document showing the misplaced inline annotation. In my tests I could not generate such inline annotation displacement. There must be something specific with your document and project settings, Thanks!

Will do. Just need to squeeze it into the schedule. Thanks.


Thanks for asking. I had deleted the document with the error, but replicated it in the document in this test file.


[attachment=0]TEST for Scrivener.scriv.zip[/attachment]

Hi Thomas and thanks for the project. The only inline annotation that I found inside the document displays properly in my tests (screenshot attached). Could you please upload a screenshot with the same project and the misplaced inline annotation, or any other misplaced inline annotation example. Sorry, but we still cannot reproduce the problem reported initially.

Got it. I see that now. I’ll check again.