[RC 19] Manual table of contents even more broken

A few release candidates ago, everything in the manual ToC worked except roman numerals for Front Matter. None of it works now.

Attached are the editor view and compiled PDF table of contents.

In addition to the obvious, {imageName} compiles properly (with a replacement rule) to a $img tag for POV-specific headers at the top of chapters, and it should disappear for purposes of the ToC, but it doesn’t.

Here’s my image management workflow if you want to see details. (image name = chapter Label)




I am sorry drmajorbob, but can I ask for another demo project which has all the bits and pieces inside for testing. A project with few documents and titles and lorem-ipsum document contents will help us a lot.
Recently we adjusted some link manipulations and this might have impacted badly the TOC. Thanks for your continuous help, drmajorbob!

I can see a similar enough case where this is happening, with stock settings (though note the sample project I provided to the PDF hyperlink ticket pretty much does the following with a bit more):

  1. Create a test project using the Novel with Parts template.
  2. Select the entire outline from within the draft folder, and copy as ToC.
  3. Paste this into a new file named “Contents” in the Front Matter/Paperback folder. Set its Section Type to “Table of Contents”.
  4. Compile to PDF, using either of the Paperback formats and otherwise default settings.

In the output ToC, you will see the chapter entries are suffixed with the scene numbering reset code. So it looks like two blind spots exist here:

  1. Link title creation might be happening prior to replacement runs (as per the OP’s notes), so they never end up as proper placeholders and thus omitted from output.
  2. The full placeholder list may need to be double-checked to make sure they are all omitted, especially these variable placeholders where some part of it a user provided value.

At the link is the requested demo project. It has 3 chapters, but 5 in the ToC. That was deliberate.

Also notice Recovered Files at the bottom of the Binder. Every time I bring a project from Mac to Win10 (under Parallels) and open it in the Beta, I get a warning about Recovered Files. When I look for them, the folder is empty. The message and creation of the folder seem to be another bug.


Thanks for following up!

I don’t know if all placeholders should be omitted in the ToC, but if they are, it should be after replacements and probably shouldn’t include images. In this case, replacements involve $label, which has no meaning in the ToC.

Yes, placeholders that have a functionally useful output in the text should be used in link titles. Without that, stuff like “Chapter 21” wouldn’t work after all, since part of that is a placeholder. But “nonfunctional” placeholders like resets, images and so forth should be stripped out of link text.

Oh, I did think of a way around your problem for the moment though: in the Document Title Links compile format pane, enable the Do not include title suffixes in updated links.

That could work!

(But it’s not a problem for me, since I’m not a Windows user, just testing as a volunteer).

I have <$title> in the suffix and expect the prefix separator (I use ~) to divide prefix from suffix, but I could move it into the prefix, I suppose, as in

chapter <$w:chapter> ~ <$title>

I wonder what’s meant by updated links in the option, though. Does {image name} in the suffix make it an “updated link”?

That simply refers to the functionality in this pane overall—the visible link text, as it was typed into the text editor, is being updated to reflect changes made on the fly by compilation. I.e. with the master switch at the top of the pane switched off, no link text anywhere in the document will be updated.

I never thought of the Suffix or Prefix pane as link text updated at Compile time, so the description didn’t register. It becomes a link in the ToC, but I rarely give a whit for tables of contents (other than helping another user — which led to testing it in the Beta), and even then I think of it as a display, not a bunch of links.

Oh well, the vagaries of language.

It’s a bit muddy since it is better thought of as a display matter, as you put, rather than a linking matter, since the linking aspect of it is optional (and not always applicable, e.g. print or txt). You can set the compile setting to strip out all links for instance, and these settings will still work, just like typing in <$label> and linking it to another document will print the target document’s label without creating an actual hyperlink in the document. So it’s more that the link is being used as a signal that the text is special and should be modified when compiled.

That they may become links in some cases is beside the point, or rather, not the kind of linking being referred to in the options text. :slight_smile: Muddy.

Would it be accurate if it said, “Don’t include title suffix in table of contents”?

If this feature only modified how the “table of contents” works, maybe. But there is no such thing, really. It’s just a list of indented links one per line. These links can be anywhere, and can be used as normal cross-references throughout all areas of the book.