[RC 8 - HiDPI] Table of Contents issues

Below I’ve attached the ToC as it appears in Scrivener and in a compiled PDF.

The compiled PDF has these problems:

a) The first entry is centered and shouldn’t be.

b) Front matter should have Roman numerals, but instead the placeholder tag is not compiled.

c) Clicking on a ToC entry doesn’t link to the document. It opens the PDF at page one in a new Edge window.

d) One document (~ Pedro’s Pentagon Club ~) doesn’t get a page number or a page break, despite the fact it has the same section type as other documents that DO got a page number and break.

On the PLUS side, most of the ToC looks good! That’s progress.

Could you upload a small project with few files and some text, that will help us reproduce the problem. Thanks!

At the Dropbox link is a folder containing the small project you requested (Mac version), a video demonstrating the issues, and three compiles, two from the Mac and one from Windows. In addition to the ToC issues, Front/Back matter locked to “Print” became “None” on Windows and I had to lock them again.

I also had to fiddle with a couple of Compile Replacements for differences between Mac & Windows. (Explained in the video.)


I hope that helps!