[RC07] Bullets Automatically Added in Odd Places, Cannot Delete Them

I love the Windows beta, it really has come quite a long way. But there’s one issue I’ve pretty consistently had with it involving bulleted lists. They just seem to randomly do odd things, like adding lots of bullets where they’re not supposed to be. Usually when this happens the editor won’t let me delete them. If I try, most of the time repeatedly pressing backspace in front of an unwanted bullet won’t even take me to the previous line - the cursor will just stay where it is.

Here’s a screenshot of the sort of thing I’m talking about (with some stuff blurred out):

Most of the dots aren’t supposed to be there, especially the ones on blank lines and before section headers. In this particular case the document was behaving fine for a while, then when I added another list further down, suddenly loads of bullets were inserted throughout the whole sheet. I haven’t figured out how to intentionally reproduce this; it seems to happen randomly, but it’s a consistent enough effect that I can pretty much count on it happening at some point if I do a lot of list work.

Hopefully this helps,

Edit: forgot to mention I’m on RC7, Hi-DPI version, but this has been representative of my experience with the beta for the last couple of years. Not sure if it’s related, but this project (the only one I’ve worked on so far) started its life on Mac Scrivener v3. It’s never been touched by Windows v1, only the Windows v3 beta.

Another edit: RC7 (and many previous versions) won’t let me delete most of the unwanted bullets, but the iOS version will. When opening the project on my iPhone, the unwanted bullets are still there but, as I said, I was able to delete them. This change (i.e., unwanted bullets gone) persists when I open the now-fixed version with RC7. Hopefully that’s useful.

I’ve had a similar problem with bullets and lists not properly compiling into a PDF document, using Scrivener 1.9 in Windows . Apparently this issue will not be fixed until version 3 for windows is relesed. This is the work-around I discovered:

Highlight list in original scrivener text.
Turn off auto bullets/lists.
Create an indent tab on the ruler.
Manually enter the list numbers, tabing as you go.
Highlight list text again and change font, font size, spacing, justification etc, to match compiled format.
While still highlighted, select ctrl+shift+c to copy formatting (you will need this to alter the rest of the lists).
While still highlighted, select the ‘Format’ tab, ‘Formatting’ and ‘Preserve Formatting’.-this will protect your manually created list while the document compiles into a PDF document and present it ‘As is’ without the rest of the document having to be ‘as is’ as well.

Go to the next auto list:
Highlight and turn off auto lists/bullets.
While still highlighted, pres ctlr+shift+y to copy formatting from previously created manual list.
Manually add list numbers and tab for space.
Highlight again, select the ‘Format’ tab, ‘Formatting’ and ‘Preserve Formatting’.
Repeat for every auto list in your manuacript.

Good luck.