[RC1] Highlighting is difficult to read with themes

I am currently using RC1 and decided to try several of the “themes” (didn’t find much difference between them). Then it occurred to me to set the Highlight Current Line option in both Composition Mode and Editor Mode. This is not a suggestion or wish list, it is a bug because highlighting is a use case and is currently not working well.

To my surprise the highlighted line was illegible, I could see the highlight but not the text, or at best it was barely visible. The problem is that the text color of the highlighted text does NOT contrast well with the background text of the highlighted line.

Fairly easy, I have used that in many of my .NET projects. There are simple formulas (just google it) by which you can easily calculate (programmatically) the best contrasting text color (or background color) for any given color.

I propose that when the Highlight Current Line option is enabled, the current editor code calculates the best contrasting color for the HIGHLIGHTED line, thus overriding user defaults. That way when highlight current line is enabled, the user will always be able to read the text clearly regardless of the chosen theme/text/background color set in the general options.

As I said, it is extremely easy and only requires a few lines of code.

The highlight color can be adjusted in the Options > Appearance. We do not use .NET. We have formulas to find the best contrasting color, but also have in mind that everyone has a different opinion about “the best contrasting color”.