[RC1] Snapshot compare doesn't work?

Using the tutorial, I’ve tried out the snapshots. The “Compare” button doesn’t actually seem to do anything (it does not highlight my additions or deletions).

It detects differences with your current main document. Taking a snapshot and hitting compare afterwards will not show any differences. After taking a snapshot add/remove text from the main document, select the previous snapshot and click Compare. Hope this helps.

Thanks; that makes sense and it is working. But I think the wording of the tutorial is a bit vague (hopefully the full, final manual will fill in a lot of these gaps?)

The tutorial comes with an old snapshot from the very first version of this tutorial. You should be able to compare against that to see broad changes. As for your own, the instructions point out that you should first add some text below a certain line, and then delete some text, after taking the test snapshot, to see the change logging in action.

Unfortunately it looks like the text you’re supposed to remove was inadvertantly left out of the tutorial. That’s already been noted to be fixed.

I myself am not seeing any fundamental issues with the feature itself.