RC10 ( - Strange behavior in Scrivenings mode.

Video with this.

That is strange. Should be reproducible, but I can’t. Is some strange Windows switch turned on? Like one of those accessibility switches?

Because I cannot reproduce it at the current time.

I created a new project.
I created a folder in the Draft.
In the folder, I have created several documents.
I selected this folder and turned on Scrivenings mode…
It’s all.

One more.

I can reproduce this, but surely this is how it should work? If you click on the entire manuscript again the reordering takes place. This is because the focus of the main screen is not being affected by the binder, where you have changed the focus to the individual document.

I posted about this this before: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/document-move-not-reflected-in-scrivenings-mode/49944/1

When you use Losk in Place it is very inconvenient.
I think the update should happen on its own.