RC10 - Can't assign keywords to multiselected search results or collection items via drag and drop

Hi - User Biff observed a behavior in Scriv 1.9x that I believe is also a bug in Beta RC10.

  1. We can multiselect docs in the Binder and assign keywords to them from the Project Keywords control via drag and drop. [attachment=2]keywordDrag1.png[/attachment]
  2. But we can’t do the same with multiselected docs in Search Results, Cursor is the Unicode “no” symbol ⃠ . which doesn’t show in the printscreen .[attachment=1]keywordDrag2.png[/attachment]
  3. And we can’t do it with multiselected docs within a Collection. Here the cursor gives no indication that the action is not permitted, but the keyword assignment doesn’t take: [attachment=0]keywordDrag3.png[/attachment]
    Note that assignment via right click on a selected keyword within the Project Keywords control displays “Apply Keywords to Selected Documents” and works in all three cases.

Similar lingering bug IMO on external bookmarks, where the drags and drops don’t take.

Rgds - Jerome