RC10 considerably slower than RC9

Hey guys! Just updated to the latest version of the program, and I’ve noticed some significant performance decrease.

I’m organizing my book in chapters, so that each chapter is a folder, and each scene within that chapter a text file. Whereas with RC9 I could instantly switch between folders, and the text files contained within would load immediately, now there’s a “LOADING” popup that appears for around a second before the content actually loads.

Is this happening to anyone else?



Sure is. But only when I click a folder so that the contents open in Scrivenings mode; I can go from document to document instantly, but the “loading” pop-up appears as soon as I try to use Scrivenings. I tried clicking on the “Draft” folder (i.e. to view the whole ms, which is about 150,000 words long) and Scrivener just went belly-up. It was “Not responding” for so long that I had to use Task Manager to kill it.

I’m not seeing this in anything but scrivenings mode as well. Not enough to kill anything, just a significant delay before anything loads. It is much less in smaller folders with small or empty documents, Unlike the last time this sort of behavior was noted, there is no RAM race condition. It will eventually display, but it may be quite some time for larger works.

Yep, this just happens to me in Scrivenings mode, too.

It’s a shame, because I was so thrilled with how much faster this was turning out to be than Scrivener 1! I hope it gets fixed on a later version, since all the updates so far has been stellar :smiley: