[RC10] Include Border in Style?


Is there anyway to add a border as part of a style please? Thank you. I’m thinking of a paragraph of text with a border around it.

I see no way to add any sort of fancy borders to text. There are simple color borders that you can use, but nothing more that I can find easily. Truthfully, I would not expect that sort of thing within Scrivener - it is much more of a presentation thing rather than a writing thing.

Simple is fine. I just need a border.

Here is the simple stuff I did:

  1. I opened up the Styles panel (figure 1)
    [attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-09-29 185130.png[/attachment]
    I then created and tested the style with a simple color border (figure 2)
    [attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-09-29 184948.png[/attachment]
    As I said, it was pretty simple and basic color border stuff. I have not seen anything like you would find in a dedicated word processor.

Thank you!