RC10 Keyboard Shortcut issues

Hi - Thanks for the great enhancements this release. I love the idea of Shortcut Themes, and I went with “Scrivener for Windows v3”, the future-oriented local flavor.

Meta-Shift-R – for Reveal in Binder – doesn’t seem to be working, and I see it’s probably because Meta keys are now distinguished from Alt keys in the theme. Copy Formatting, for example, is mapped to Meta+Alt+Shift+C. Setting aside that three modifier keys and a character key would be a challenge for Thelonious Monk, is an actual Meta key typical on Windows keyboards? It’s not found on any of mine. Some have a Windows key, but that works the Start menu. Maybe I’m behind the times but…what did the team have in mind for us on Meta?

Please don’t forget us accelerator-key users as well. Reveal in Binder should also be reachable via Alt-n v, but the menu has duplicate accelerators, and that sequence fires Move Focus To. Similarly Alt-n o is the accelerator for Open, Outline Groups, and Outliner Selection Affects. Duplicate entries render these sequences useless. Long as Scriv is reimagining keyboard shortcuts, here’s hoping for a remap to make the accelerator sequences unique. They need not be mnemonic, but should be reachable by non-arrow keystrokes alone.

Rgds - Jerome

I’d asked about the “Meta” key and what it means for a keymapping in another thread. Didn’t get an answer yet. Right now it is like the mythical “Any” key or the “Easy” button. I figure it is still a work in progress like the accelerator keys combos you mentioned.

The Meta key is more commonly seen on non-PC, non-Mac systems.


I used to regularly deal with Meta keys on the Sun keyboards. On PCs it’s usually not used, or is used via emulation of one of the two Alt keys. I suspect this is a function of the Qt framework, which is cross-platform and thus makes it easier to use features that aren’t Windows-only.

As the wiki page states: "On keyboards that lack a physical Meta key, its functionality may be invoked by other keys such as the Windows key. "

The Meta key in this case is the Windows key often found between the left Ctrl and Alt key with the Windows OS logo printed on top usually. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you guys.

Have in mind that you can always go back to the old Scrivener v1 legacy shortcut scheme via the File > Options > Keyboard view, if the new one is causing you too much troubles.

Thanks. That is what I thought it was but didn’t want to assume anything.

I really did try this before I inquired, but only managed to drive the Windows Start menu with the Win key. Have since reverted to the old map, but testing on a second computer, yes the Windows key works as a Meta, and given the large number of available commands Scrivener probably does require three-modifier key chords. Difficult to play and too many to remember. If we could get a set of unique accelerator keys, I’d usually avail of the menu prompts and arpeggiate the chords.

Thanks - Jerome