RC10: Problem with pdf paperback output


I am trying to output using Paperback (6" x 9"), but it’s not rendering page number or header. I did the same test with Paperback (5.06" x 7.81") and it rendered both page number and header - author name/title on alternate pages.

Both tests were done with default settings. I compared the settings but couldn’t see any difference between the two.


After some further checking, I was able to work around the problem. I copied Paperback (5.06" x 7.81") and updated the paper and margin sizes to match Paperback (6" x 9") - however the header still didn’t render.

The difference appeared to be the header/footer margin sizes:
Paperback (6" x 9") header/footer margin sizes: 0.450"
Paperback (5.06" x 7.81") header/footer margin sizes: 0.00"

I updated Paperback (6" x 9") header/footer margin sizes to 0.00" and the header/footer displayed. Maybe the default settings for 6x9 need updating?

There’s an issue in there, for sure. But think: if the header/footer are only 5" long, then margins of 0.450 on each side should LET them display on a 6" wide page. (2x 0.450 = 0.900)

That means there’s a compile bug having to do with margins, or some other setting in the 6x9 compile profile that’s messing with header/footer display.