[RC10] UX/UI comment

For a media file it might be better to offer a play option, rather than open in external editor option as it is now. See the short screencast for clarification:


The media bar at the bottom is still there.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-10-08 095457.png[/attachment]

The audio cannot be heard with embedded player when using the RC10 high DPI version. It can be heard when played through external editor from menu as shown. I have recorded another short screencast with system audio recording on.


Please note that I can hear the audio with the 32 bit version when using the Interactive Tutorial project compatible with this version.

I hope this helps.

Scrivener supports a great range of audio/video codecs, but is not a dedicated multimedia player. Even if your file has an AVI audio file extension, it might still use unsupported audio codec inside and you will not hear sound through Scrivener.