RC11: Autocomplete Popup Chops Off Lower Part of Word Sometimes

The autocomplete list popup no longer obscures the word we’re typing, so that bug was fixed. But there’s another issue.

When typing the first few letters of a word, if there is a match to only one word in the autocomplete list, that autocomplete list is chopped off at the bottom so not all of the word is visible. Once more of the word is typed, the popup list fits the whole word.

However, if several words fit what we’ve typed so far, the popup list has scroll bars, but the list’s height is tall enough for only one and a half words. If you make the list so tiny that the writer has to click to scroll through individual words, you’ve made the list useless.

The issue doesn’t always happen, so I’m having trouble reproducing it. It is easiest to reproduce with only one matching word in the autocomplete list. After showing longer lists, the popup size expands, and then it works properly for even shorter lists or a single word. In this instance, it doesn’t show a scroll bar anymore. It shows the full list, which is most useful for writers.

The image below shows the popup with one match after typing only one letter, and the size of the popup list is so small that it cuts off the bottom portion of the word.


Here’s a sample of the popup list having more than one entry, but the list shows only one and a half words and not even all of the word that is visible.

Are you using a Color Theme, or the bug is present also in the Default Theme.

I am using the Solarized Light theme. I tried it with the Solarized Dark theme, and that has the same issue. When I use the Default theme, I don’t see the issue.