RC11 Compile Formatting Does Not Save, Section Name Glitch

I’m new to the Scrivener 3 beta, so apologies if these are known bugs. I didn’t find a description of either when searching the forum.

Formatting Doesn’t Save
When changing formatting for section layouts in the compile dialog, clicking Save does not actually save the formatting changes for me. They also don’t persist if a different section is selected.

So, for example,

  • I go to Compile → Edit Format → select section “Text (Level 1+)” → change font, size, line spacing, etc.
  • Then I select another section and do the same
  • When I select section “Text (Level 1+)” again, all the options have changed back to default


  • I click “Save” while the new font, size, and line spacing are visibly selected
  • Then go back to Edit Format and again, all the options have changed back to default

Compile works fine otherwise, though, and I’m able to change other formatting things like separators.

Section Name Glitch
If I check or uncheck the Title/Metadata/Synopsis/Notes/Text boxes for a section, often the name displayed for that section will change to a different section name. This doesn’t persist when Save is selected, either.

I’ve tried both of these using a custom format imported from Scrivener 1 as well as a format duplicated from the built-in Modern and both issues occur every time for me with both formats.

I have same problem.
The formatting does not save.

It is ok in RC10 last week.

Same problem here - glad I came searching to see if this was a bug!

Having this issue with the latest beta, too.

This is pretty major.

Yes, we found this bug too and it will be fixed in the next update. Thank you, guys!