RC11 - Compile problem (Wine on Ubuntu)

I’m not sure If you want bugs found via a wine install, but just in case:
I tried to save a single document via compile to ODT. It went through the process, but didn’t produce a file.
I changed the compile output to PDF and it rendered without a problem.

I just tested this on both my Mint 20 and my Fedora 32 installs. I was able to compile to ODT without issue.

Thanks. I’ll give it another try.

Nope. I tried compiling to ODT, DOCX and DOC. Scrivener seemed to render something, but the file didn’t appear.
Yet compiling to PDF wasn’t a problem. Odd.
Perhaps I’m missing a library somewhere… or it’s a glitch in Wine?

I’m running Ubuntu Studio - which runs Ubuntu 18.04.