RC11: Epub 3 indent CSS not working on Kindle Cloud Reader


A reader notified me that a book I’d published via Amazon KDP didn’t display indents when viewed on the Kindle Cloud Reader (read.amazon.com/).

My epub file, generated using the Epub 3 compile format (and edited with Sigil) passed all pre-publishing checks, rendered correctly on Kindle Previewer 3 (all formats) and physical Kindle device/tablet/phone.

This is the relevant CSS being generated by the ebook 3 format:
p { margin-top: 0rem; margin-bottom: 0rem; margin-left: 0rem; margin-right: 0rem; text-indent: 0rem; }
p + p { text-indent: 2.00rem; }

Any suggestion on what CSS would work with both Kindle device and Amazon’s Cloud Reader?