[RC11 HiDPI issue] Inconsistent Menus in Quick Reference (QR) Windows

When I have a QR window open, as such:

and I click on the Editor Only dropdown on the far right, the following menu choices are visible:

but if I select Navigate->Inspect from the menu instead of the dropdown, the following menu choices are visible:

As you can see, the order is very different, and two choices are missing.

That last is most irritating! If I want to see the picture or if I want to select Editor Only to close whatever is showing in the other pane (assuming I chose anything except Editor Only from the dropdown), I have to take my fingers off the keyboard and use the mouse to select Picture or Editor Only.

Not only do I hate taking my hands from the keyboard, I also have a very flaky mouse that makes using it less than a true joy!

A little menu consistency would be greatly appreciated.