[RC11 HiDPI issue] Synopsis editing

Okay, there are a lot of things I understand that just don’t make sense in the synopsis panel, like bolding or italics or other formatting, but I draw the line at forbidding transformations (ALT+E->T->L (Edit->Transformations->Make Lowercase), for example.)

I see no reason why that shouldn’t be allowed.

On a somewhat related topic of what is and isn’t allowed, when I am editing a note or synopsis and press ALT+N the Navigate menu comes up, but pressing V to Move Focus To does nothing. Is there some reason you think this shouldn’t be allowed?

Transformations (to Lower Case / Upper Case etc) work in Synopses on the Mac, so it’s probably a bug/todo item.

Just to be clear, are you saying the function itself doesn’t work, or just that the shortcut doesn’t?

Hrmm… trying to duplicate this I’m seeing two separate issues.

When I have text selected in the synopsis pane and I press ALT+E->T, the Transformations submenu doesn’t get highlighted or opened (probably(?) because for some reason transformations are not allowed yet?)

With text selected in the synopsis pane and I press ALT+E->UP->UP->UP->UP->UP->RIGHT (to navigate to, and open, the Transformations selection), the submenu opens, but every choice is greyed out.

Is that what you’re asking?

It wasn’t clear to me from your original post whether your issue was that the functions didn’t work at all, or that the keyboard shortcut wasn’t wired up yet (but clicking with mouse worked.) That was all - the solutions would be different, I assume. Either way, I suspect they will be working before release.

So, we’re agreed it’s something that there is no reason it should not be functioning. For what it’s worth, it isn’t something I need frequently, and when I do try to change something I’ve pasted in to lower case there isn’t so much “Camel Case” that it can’t be easily taken care of manually. The real problem is me wondering if I caught everything.

I can wait for a fix on this one, for sure. Of all the problems I’m waiting for some traction on, this one is truly at the bottom of the list.