RC11 - Scratch Pad failed to save on program exit

Crap. I just now lost a sh-t ton of work which I’d put into the Scratch Pad. When I brought the program down in an orderly way, then relaunched it, the work was gone.

The file was there in the Scratch Pad location, but it was empty.

What happened? A bug? Or something I should have done differently? There’s nothing in the documentation about this, including the draft User Manual.


This is already an issue. Take a look at

Apparently still outstanding in RC11.

P.S. I’m sorry for your loss. It sucks when that happens.

The LH4687 issue (which is assigned to the forum thread in the provided link above) has been fixed in RC10. If you can reproduce the ScratchPad notes loss in a reliable way, please write down the steps. At the moment we are not aware of any ScratchPad data loss. Saving your ScratchPad notes on a cloud sharing drive might also cause unexpected behavior.