RC12 bad_alloc error when attempting to change font using pull down menu.

This error [std::bad_alloc bad array new length] now pops up when I try to change the font of a selected portion of text in the editor using the pull-down menu. When I then go through Format | Font | Show Fonts menu or using F4 I am able to without issue.

Since I don’t have a box to test this under Windows, I do not know if this is repeatable or is only an issue running on Linux under Codeweaver’s CrossOver. I have not experienced this error in any of the previous Beta versions.

I’ve just had a look using RC12 under CrossOver 2.0.2 on Mac. I can change the font on a stretch of text but only in single document mode; if I’m in Scrivenings mode, neither the dropdown nor accessing the fonts panel on the Mac works at all, but I don’t get a “Bad alloc” warning.

I haven’t tried F4 … given that the F-keys have Mac-specific bindings, I’ve never bothered to work out how to use them otherwise in CrossOver.



Sounded a bit serious so I tried it on Windows, very latest 10.

No problem changing a selected text’s font using the dropdown menu, so this sounds like something coming on LInux, apparently through the emulation you’re using?

If I’ve actually recognized what to duplicate – it’s early :slight_smile: