[RC12] Can't add keyword to files in collection

When I drag a keyword into a file in a Collection, it highlights the file as though it’s adding the keyword, but the keyword isn’t added. When I select some or all of the files in a Collection and drag a keyword to them in the file list, it highlights all of them as though it’s going to add the keyword to them, but in fact it doesn’t add it to any of them. If I drag the keyword into the Keywords pane it adds the keyword to the first file in the set I have selected but not to the others.

I also noticed that when I selected all of the files in either a Collection, then switched to the binder, those files were also selected in the binder. However, after attempting to add a keyword to the selected files this behavior changed. After attempting to add the keyword to the selected files, when I selected files in the Collection then went back to the binder, the files were no longer selected in the Binder.

I’ll try to trace this behavior more when I have more time, but wanted to point it out.