[RC12] Smart quotes not closing after emdash

In previous versions, smart quotes closed after emdashes. Now, the smart quote is an opening quotation mark instead of a closing one. Happens in every project I tried it with. Thank you.

We switched behavior in RC12 following Microsoft Word.

After \n,\r,(,[,{,-,EnDash and EmDash Microsoft Word is typing an opening Smart Quote and we follow.

It seems like everyone has his own idea when an opening/closing smart quote is needed, so we decided to follow Word as a widely accepted standard. Sorry, if this is conflicting with your preferred way of having an opening smart quote. This is by design and is not a bug.

Is there a reason this applies to double quotes but not single ones? I get a closing single quote mark after an em dash.

Thanks for pointing this out, shxpowell. We have missed adjusting them.
The single quotes will be adjusted too in the next update.