RC13 frequent hangs with network files. RC12 was good.


Using files located on a network share, RC13 is hanging/freezing frequently with many actions such as clicking out of scrivener then back in (this one reliably causes a hang of about 3 to 5 seconds). Clicking into the binder is also causing frequent freezes as does changing options in the options dialog or opening the style menu. Pausing and resuming typing with no intermediary clicks can also cause a hang.

With files located on a network share, RC12 was perfetly fine for me in all of the above issues/situation, while RC13 is basically not usable due to the frequency of interrupting hangs/freezes. Every other application accessing the network shares is ok including other similar text/outliner applications. As a work around I can temporily move the files to a local drive, however productive access to the network files is necessary long term and to me, a reasonable expectation.

For troubleshooting - creating a new blank project on the share still produces the behavior above, such as clicking out of scrivener to and then back in reliably causes a hang/freeze. Might be a bit better on some of the other hangs then my larger project converted from 1.9, but I’m not sure.

If anyone has any suggestions, such as setting to change or anything I would appreciate hearing from you.

Please let me know if there is other testing I might be able to do to pinpoint the problem. As I said, RC12 was perfect with the network share. And FYI, 1.9 was not very good on the network, which is why I switched to RC12.

Thank you,

| Windows 10 64bit latest | AMD Ryzen 9 | 32GB Ram | SSD/NVME Drives | Gigabit Network |