RC13 - Importing a .BAT file via Import Research Files as Shortcut creates an invalid, hybrid entry

Steps to reproduce:

Create a harmless .BAT file like this one:

echo hello from dummy.bat pause
Import it into the Research section of the tutorial via File > Import > Research Files as Shortcuts.

We’ll get a Binder entry that is simultaneously a Shortcut and a Scrivener-editable document.
Under the hood, we’ll initially see a shortcut file shown as “content.bat” in the UUID folder for this entry. But if we edit the document in the pane, we’ll add a “content.rtf” as if this were an ordinary Scrivener document.

Second bug: if we import dummy.bat instead via File > Import > Files or by drag and drop, we get the expected prompt: Please note that text files that are imported will be converted to RTF for editing. But the text from the bat file isn’t actually imported; we get a blank doc.

Rgds - Jerome

Interesting. I’d have expected it to be treated as straight text, not some strange hybrid. In fact, I think I’d prefer that.