RC13: Pictures not saved

Dear sir or madam,

when I insert pictures into the program and save the file, the picture is not there anymore when I reopen said file.
This occurs everywhere. In Projects, research, notes, etc.
Even the old files that have not been changed for years do not show the pictures anymore.

I am using the Beta (1129554) 64-bit version of the program.

Windows 10 Pro
Version 20H2
OS build 19042.685

Could you please upload a video showing the issue? Someone else reported similar issue, but we never managed to reproduce it. Please, upload also the images that you try to import. Thanks!

I have had this same issue, but it will be difficult to take a video and show as it is random when the photos stop showing up. Here is how I add a photo:

  1. Click on Characters in the Binder
  2. Make sure I am in Corkboard mode
  3. Create a new Character (Right-click > Add > New from Template > Character Template)
  4. Click on the image icon in the Inspector, next to Synopsis
    Drag image from Windows Explorer on to “Drop an image here.” area.(Images are in the Scrivener folder where the project is saved - I use Microsoft OneDrive and photos are downloaded to my computer – not stored in the cloud)

From this point, I will work on the Character Sheet, and other areas of Scrivner (set to autosave every 60 seconds and create a backup on close) but when I exit out of Scrivener and come back, occasionally a photo will be missing from the scene cards. I double check that I’m looking at the images (toggle show images), but it will just be missing.

It doesn’t even have to be the one I just created, sometimes it randomly drops the image.

Note: I don’t seem to have issues with it losing bookmarks to images, FYI