RC13 - ruler does not correspond to page settings

I have the page settings at A4 with left and right margins set to 20mm [in fact Scrivener won’t accept 20mm - it sets 20.11mm so I guess it calculates in points or something else?]. The ruler is set to show cms and not inches.

In the page view, the ruler scales pretty well with text scaling but a little less well if fixed width editor is selected.

When I turn off the Page View, the ruler shows the text line length to be 32cms at text scaling 100% and 21 cms at scaling 150%. This is with fixed width editor deselected.

When fixed width is selected (and it’s a pain to have to keep restarting Scrivener to apply these changes), the line of text varies from 26cms at 100% scaling, to 21cms at 150% scaling.

I would expect the ruler to scale with the text scaling in all views but not only is this not the case, the ruler doesn’t ever represent real centimetres when page view is not selected.

The issue exists with inches, as well as metric units. Margin settings are not reflected accurately on the ruler. The amount of error-offset increases as the zoom setting is increased.