RC14 - Dialogs not following the application's monitor

I work with three monitors. If I have Scrivener running on the left or right monitor and select Options, Compile, or other choices that bring up a dialog, that dialog appears on the center monitor instead of on the same monitor as Scrivener.

Seems like the dialog activation should respect wherever the application is.

I agree. This is disconcerting. I posted the same problem a month or two ago.

Have you tried moving the dialogue window to the ‘correct’ screen before using it and closing it? Scrivener remembers some window positions (some - hard to work out exactly which with recurring betas.) and the scaling of File Explorer dialogues still sucks on a tablet + large monitor setup - but maybe worth a go.

Yes, that works, but it misses the point. When a dialog gets created, its initial location can be specified. That is what is missing from the Scrivener code.

Scrivener preserves the size and the position of some dialogs. This is due to the fact that some users want their dialogs to open at the same location and size that they closed them previously. Probably this should be a user preference, but at the moment some dialogs will appear at the same monitor and position that you closed them previously. The ones that do not preserve their monitor position, will be displayed on the monitor which holds the current Scrivener project window. System dialogs like File Save/Open are handled and auto-positioned by the OS.