[RC14] List items not aligning when carried on from another session

I am using Scrivener RC14 on Windows 10 (64 bit, Hi-DPI) and have stumbled upon a bug regarding lists. Please see the images as below.
I can start creating a bulleted list in either main text or the notes section in a project. Within one session, I can indent and dedent bullets without hassle.
However, if I were to restart Scrivener and carry on this same bullet list, then new indented/dedented items would do so in a way which misaligns with the rest of the bullet points (note: I have not altered margin settings in any way).

Furthermore, sometimes when I undo an indentation (which changes bullet point style), the bullet style does not change back.

Hoping you can help me with this issue, and was wondering if other users experience the same problem.
Thank you!

I can duplicate the problem as well.