RC14 Not Allowing Project to Be Saved


Getting this evertime I open or try and save my project with Scrivener RC14. Posted this Jan 7th somewhere on the forum where it made sense, but I think that location disappeared. Have not been able to work on my book since RC14. Have tried saving as new file/folder .scriv and .scrivx files. No change.

Your antivirus app is blocking Scrivener from saving RTF/Scrivener project files inside the Documents folder. Either white list Scrivener, or move your project into a different folder. There are several threads discussing and providing solutions to this problem.

Scrivener has been whitelisted on my Avast Antivirus. Still having the same issue.

To be honest, Avast Antivirus thinks everything is a virus. It caused me more problems than it solved and I stopped using it years ago.

What you do, is copy the installer onto a CD, then uninstall Avast. Then, take the CD outside and drop it, ever-so-carefully into the bin. Move the bin a safe distance from the house, and set the whole lot on fire.*

(Admittedly most of that is symbolic of how bad Avast is, rather than being absolutely necessary).

Stick with Windows Defender and MalwareBytes. Stay off pirate/dirty websites and you’re pretty much covered.

* do NOT set your bin on fire.