RC14: Scrivener fails to recognise my keyboard when recording a shortcut

It all started when I tried to use the ‘default’ shortcut to launch the Layout Manager, Ctrl+). It wouldn’t work. I tried to record a different shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+), but it would not record using the recorder option. I entered it by typing it in, but then that shortcut wouldn’t open the Layout Manager dialogue either.

So I went for a completely different shortcut and tried to record Ctrl+#. The recorder worked as I expected it should except the resulting shortcut was Ctrl+. In the shortcut recorder, Scrivener recognised # as . I did repeat the exercise a few times in case I had made a mistake.

My keyboard is a pretty standard UK English variant recognised correctly by Windows10. I subsequently checked every key in Scrivener’s text editor and they all worked as expected. The problem only occurs when trying to record shortcuts.