[RC15] Copy as BB Code carriage return inserts extra return.

Blank lines in Scrivener are treated as double paragraphs when copied.

This is in Scrivener with the paragraph markers shown and how I want it to appear when copy pasted (minus the paragraph markers, of course. They don’t get coped).

This is the Copy as BB Code output pasted into Sublime Text. Notice every blank line in Scrivener is now two blank lines.
Having no blank line between paragraphs results in no blank line in the output. As expected.

There is a workaround, I’ve found. If you hit space bar in each of the blank lines in Scrivener, it comes out with the expected number of blank lines in the output.

I can’t imagine this is intended behavior, but likely something that slips through the cracks because not a lot of people actually use the BB Code copying… I hope, anyway. If this is intended, then I must be missing something big.