[RC15 HiDPI BUG?] Compile settings for PDFs totally ignored

Scrivener for Windows 3 HiDPI RC15
Version Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021
running on Windows 10 Home

It’s taken me years (and/or many improvements to how compilation is done in V3 vs V1) to feel comfortable knowing how my output as a pdf would look after I compiled.

And, today, suddenly nothing I do affects the output. I have all but one document in my WIP (the one I want to output to pdf) deselected, a document defined as a “Section” Section Type.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. I modified the “Modern” Scrivener Format as “My Modern”
  2. I have “My Modern” set up (using Assign Section Layouts…) as follows:

As you can see above, it claims “MAIN text formatting will be based on how text appears in the editor.” As you might surmise from my use of the word “claims”, I believe this to be a lie. I have text formatted as bold and my output has none of that, and some of the headings are grey as opposed to black.

I’ve tried creating a custom section type (“Custom Output”) and have made this one document of that Section Type and tried again with no change.

I’ve also tried (with the section type set to “Section”) making the assigned section layout be “As-Is” and get the same result. Italics seem to work fine, my line & paragraph spacings/indents seem correct, but bolds do not show and headings are now grey.