[RC15] I had a narrow escape today.

I had a narrow escape today when in the middle of Chapter 7 in a non-fiction work I decided it would be better to add an H2 heading to better separate two subject matters. So I scrolled up to the top of the text document in the editor, using the scroll wheel of the track ball, added a new line using the return key and started to type the new heading.

I looked up at the screen and found that I was in the middle of a paragraph in my manuscript’s Introduction document, right at the top of the binder. What was worse, my typing was overtyping existing text.

I have never used overtyping but am aware that there exists an option in the editing section of options to use the Insert key to activate overtyping mode… I have never activated that option (and I have nver used the Insert key on my keyboard, either).

Because of Scrivener’s high frequency of saving, I did in fact lose a bit of work, but very little because by its nature, a heading doesn’t contain that many words.

I have no idea what caused this error and wonder if anyone can suggest what I might have done to, first, change to another document in the midst of editing Chapter7 and secondly, to activate overtype mode. The only reference I find to overtyping in the Manual is in regards to the Options > Editing > Options tab.

BTW, a leson I learned is to make greater use of the snapshot functionality.

Something I run into which acts generally like this is to have leaned my hand against the CNTL key, so that letters in typing suddenly get treated as keycode or menu inputs.

The results are often as you describe, jumping to some other area of the page and ovetyping…or worse…

It’s not that hard to do if you type with your palms on the palm rest area of a laptop.

Personally it’s a bit of an extra problem, as I have some tendon issues in the hand, which is one of those things which can tempt a tilt that will do this.

Remedy: pick up the hands as if you are playing the piano, with the laptop far enough back on a desk that your elbows provide the support. Side benefit is that accuracy also generally improves, and in fact it feels better, at least here.

That’s certainly a possibility, NARRSD, the way you outline it but I’ fear that isn’t my case. I use a desktop pc, office chair with proper armrests and a keyboard tray with wrist supports. I’m not a skilled typist so it is entirely possible to hit a wrong key but I don’t habitually have problems with the Shift, Ctrl or Alt keys.

The chances of replicating this problem seem to me to be very slim and that’s why I was hoping someone might shed some light.

For example, the fact that I was overtyping existing text is also puzzling especially since the only way I can see to get into overtyping mode is to set the check box in the Options and then press the insert key. I don’t have that option checked so there must be another way to get into overtyping mode.

If, somehow, you highlighted the text you overtyped without realizing it (easily done by some number of ways), any new typing would replace that text. Is it possible you selected this text first by accident?

I suppose that is a possibility. I had moved to the top of the Chapter I was editing and had inserted a new line in order to add a heading. I don’t know what caused Scrivener to switch to another document, not even the preceeding doc but the ‘Introduction’ , seven documents higher in the binder. I didn’t notice the change and just started typing on what I believed was my new clean line. The heading was only three words so I looked up pretty quickly and was amazed to see what had happened.

Highlighting (selecting) some exsting text would normally involve some of the keys like shift, Ctl, Home, End, arrows. I would certainly have used the shift key for capitalising the first word but it would have been hard to activate any of the others in such a short interval.