RC15 User Manual (F1) still displaying as MacOs v3.2.0

We’re now on RC15 for the Windows v3 beta but the User Manual (key F1) is still showing as MacOS v3.2.0 on the PDF document’s title page. Is this just a publishing error or is the Help Menu currently still referring to a (edited?) MacOS version?

I know the different OS versions of Scrivener are aimed to be very closely aligned functionally, but will this cross-sharing of the User Manual document be the case for the production release of Windows v3? Without rebadging/customising screenshots, it might be confusing, especially for new licensees.


It’s just the cover page graphic, if you flip down to the copyright page you’ll see it is the correct edition.

OK. So I guess it’s then a simple task to update it to avoid any confusion and portray a 100% professional approach.

How very alpha. :laughing: