RC16: doesn't auto-install if you run Windows safely as a non-admin

Non-admin is by now long the practice for safety, with all the malware around.

I’ve been run-as-admin installing for a long time in this Beta track, but decided to let the auto-install run since you’re near release.

It failed on the first attempt to write in Program Files, as expected as it didn’t ask for Admin permission.

Any reason you guys don’t do as normal installers, and pop a permission dialog for an admin password?

The one I can think of is this business of installing either normally or for one user only in AppData. But you could choose what to do, on the basis of where a previous installation was, no?

Cheers and encouragements,

Hi Clive, if you run the installer with admin rights, it will install Scrivener in Program Files, if not it will be auto installed in user’s AppData folder. It is up to the user to decide which rights to use. Admin rights are not a must. Have in mind that some user might not even have admin rights access at a work computer for example. Scrivener will work the same no matter of the installation rights. Let me know, if you experience something different.

Hi Tiho, no, thanks, that’s all as expected and has been true for a long while.

The problem is, that consistency does not hold when the AutoUpdate alert appears.

In any other program, an updater would begin once the button is pushed, and would request Admin password when you are logged in as a non-admm.

Then the usual Windowas permission dialog appears, asking for an Admin password, and then sets those permissions for the installer. Installation or update to the Program Files then occurs.

What happens with Scrivener is the only case I know of. Since I am originally as-admin installed, it attempts to upgrade this, but fails – with a not-friendly ‘can’t write in Program Files’ alert.

I thinik this has been true a while, but it would certainly give polish and reduce later complaints on Scrivener if the AutoUpdate can upgrade to handling both its cases as expected – that you just get the upgrade when pushing the button…

Best,and fully appreciating this tiger you’ve been swinging around by the tail :slight_smile:

Yes, your case is a problem, Clive. We expect that you run Scrivener with the same rights that you used during installation.
If you installed with Admin rights, but you run Scrivener with regular user rights, you should also start Scrivener with Admin rights when you decide to perform the auto-upgrade step.

What you ask for is also possible, but needs fine-tuning of the update installer which is not easy and most likely will not be modified for the official release.

Tiho, well understood, my friend.

I just have thought this was one more thing to head off an avalanche when those not following the Beta/RC get Scrivener 3 in their hands.

Here’s a screen from an installer that sensibly handles both ways, since I ran into it on the weekend. Zettler iself, though; hmm… :slight_smile:


I agree, Clive this is the best way to handle it. Currently we leave this selection to the user via selecting “Run As Administrator” on the installer file.

Our priority at the moment is fixing critical bugs to get v3 out to the public and this is not in the critical list as it works fine for the general user.

Thumbs up, Tiho :slight_smile: