[RC16] Doubleclick doesn't open corkboard

According to the settings in Options > Behaviours > Double-Clicking, a doubleclick in an empty space should open the parent corkboard.

I can’t get this to work. When I doubleclick in any empty space in a document, nothing at all happens. So it is quite likely that I have misunderstood the intention behind this setting.

Can anyone shed some light on what is supposed to happen and under which circumstances?

This is behaviour on the corkboard; if you double-click on an empty space on the corkboard, it should open the parent corkboard. So if your binder structure is something like

-Folder A
–doc 1
–doc 2
-Folder B

then when Folder A is loaded on the corkboard, showing its contents doc 1 and doc 2, double-clicking into a blank space on the board should load the Draft folder, showing its children Folder A and Folder B.

This isn’t clear from the current description, which should be specified as “Double-clicking corkboard background”. :slight_smile:

And it does … thanks for that clarification.

I got it wrong. I had assumed that the doubleclicking would be in a document not in a folder corkboard view.