RC16: List type not being tracked properly

I have been having a problem with multi-level lists in that the Format/List menu is not reflecting the current list style when the caret is in the list. This may also be part of the cause for the problem I have: I create a multi-level list in a session and all is fine. I save and close the project, and when I reopen it and begin editing the list, the numbering and the indentation of any new entries is incorrect. Either the number assigned to the new entry is wrong, or the indentation does not match the existing list, or both.

The screen shot shows a new item “4.” being added to a multi-level list, but the menu shows the list to be a single level. The errors do not happen all of the time, but often enough to be a nuisance.

One work-around I have is to highlight the list, set the list style to None, then immediately set it to the style I want.[attachment=0]List type not being tracked properly.png[/attachment]