RC16: margins vs. ruler may be improved, but not correct yet with fixed-width

I’ve reported several times recently with more detail, and i think a number of those problems are repaired now, as for example in fixed-width, vertical margins no longer blow up mightily.when using magnification, but look correct.

However, as you can see, it’s not there yet as far as horizontal margins in fixed-width, though my impression is,is that this is iimproved.

The screenshot self-explains, but to say once more here, where at 150% (I usuall use 132% for paper match) you can notice

  • left indent and first line don’t match the ruler, further right by a lot
  • right margin also doesn’t follow the ruler, wraps too soon (the same offset maybe?

Picture is best: And thank yo u kindly for the effort, esp. as prior reports didn’t seem to get noticed.