RC16: Problem, with Easy Workaround, for project first created on iPad

I wanted to nail this down before reporting, as in fact I lost nothing, and the workaround I found is easy.

  • I’ve been using iOS Scrivener on an old iPad running 9.3, where it performs very well – thank you.
  • Even rather complex projects have been entirely fine, no issues with Win Scriv 3 over many releases
  • However, these have all been projects first created on Win 10 Scriv 3
  • Overnight, I created one on the iPad, with of course some pretty important items in it. You know, novel beginnings…
  • This iPad-created project came up on Scriv Win not showing any of its documents.
  • of course, they were there, and fully recoverable in their RTF files, if I’d needed actually to do it.
  • I checked those files first…and as always, we are safe

How do you work around, then, if this happens??

Very simple.

Just add a new item, such as a document, under the Draft top binder item which iOS Scrivener creates.
Bingo. All your files will now appear along with it, as they have always been there, just not yet displayed.
After this, as ever, no problems editing, creating, updating back and forth, etc., between iPad and laptop Scrivener 3.

— for Tiho —

  • there are some entertaining steps you can see on opening the iPad file from Dropbox on Win10 Scriv 3
    = first time, it opens with no documents showing, as described above. There has also been no conversion message!
    = close and open second time, now you get the old-Scriv-upgrade-to-new dialog, and update happens from it
    = but you still don’t see any of your documents, unless it has a Synopsis. Interesting.
    = open a third time, and still none. But the make-new-item trick then works, and it doesn’t matter if you create a document or a folder; especially not surprising given the muiltifacet nature of Binder items.
    = at all times of not seeing documents in the Binder, they are actually present if you use a Scrivenings or Cards view on the Draft item, and you can open and/or edit them as appropriate from there. So once again, not really missing.

What I had the problem on originally has too-private novel notes, so also as a check it wasn’t a one-off problem, I created a fresh small project on the iPad, the documents having qualities I’d noted from the original. You probably don’t care about those details, the shows-at-a-point-only-if-has-synopsis, though the no-conversion on first opening probably does need to get a careful look and likely fix.

I’ve been a little chary about raising this problem publicly, but having given the confidence all is actually well, that it’s only a recoverable display issue along with sn easy workaround, I guess it’s ok to attach the small sample here. This is straight out of Dropbox from the iPad, without Scrivener 3 on the Win10 laptop having touched it.

It’s the B version with terse content, because I did it surgically precisely except for a mis-spelled title left alone in it, a second time. The preview on this board is showing me some nonsense, but the zip should actually be fine, and you can let me know where to mail it instead if it isn’t…

[attachment=0]LL iOS 9.3 Create B.scriv.zip[/attachment]

Thanks for tracing this, Clive!

Scrivener initially created a Scrivener v1 desktop compatible project from the mobile one, which is a bug. It should have been Scrivener v3 desktop project. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.