[RC17] document display in editor does not restore to cursor position

When consulting another document, the focus moves correctly to the binder and the editor display correctly shows that document. When I return to my original document to continue typing, the display in the editor seldom includes the cursor position.

Judging from the position of the scroll bar on the right hand side, the display is about three quarters down in the document, never at the bottom where I was typing. This is not a constant but seems to depend on the size of the document. If I am editing in the top half of a short document, the return display does include the cursor. The longer the document gets, the less likely am I to get a return display which includes the cursor.

I have found a couple of other threads about cursor position. In this one, which seems to involve the same or similar issue, https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scroll-positions-not-saved-between-documents/49405/2, tiho-d says “Restoring the cursor at the center of the editor, if possible, is by design.”

Well, this is not what happens. If I take care and use the keyboard shortcut WIN+ALT+E to restore focus to the editor and then use a non-typing key like an arrow, I get back to where I left the cursor at the end of the document. Otherwise I have to manually scroll down to the end.

This behaviour becomes rather tiring if frequent references have to be made to other documents during the creative process. It would be preferable to have the display return to where you left it. The cursor does always seem to be where I left it in the document but the display does not return to that place especially as the document gets longer.