RC17 - "Sync to Folder" seems all messed up

I’ve been using “Sync to Folder” right along with no problems, but lately it’s been a mess. Each time I do it, if I don’t delete everything in the folder first, I wind up with a bunch of stuff being overwritten, duplicated, and lost across both the draft and the research folders.

I haven’t lost any actual data, not for good, but that’s because I needed to go through my whole project and use the Snapshot Editor to roll back anything that got mucked up.

I’m using the 64-bit version for Windows. I “sync to folder” because my editor prefers to see each new chapter as an rtf file and it seems to be the easiest method. I am not actually altering the rtf files outside of Scrivener at all.

(I’d just like to add that I am actually a patient and pleased user. Tone doesn’t come through in text, and I report my problem without emotion.)

It sounds like the sync mapping has gotten messed up for the project, so that the wrong external and internal files are being paired up. Where is the external folder saved?–is it being synced with another computer/server, e.g. via OneDrive or Dropbox? Is your editor accessing the synced RTF files directly or are you copying them to send?

I’d try wiping the sync map for the project by choosing “Clear” in the Sync with External Folder setting, deleting all the contents of the external folder, then setting up the sync afresh.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try it. I do sync to Dropbox, but I don’t access it with another computer. I attach the relevant rtf file to an email to send to my editor, so he never touches the folder. I used to sync on exit, but now I only sync when I finish a chapter.

What you describe as “wrong external and internal files” sounds very much like what is happening. Much of it is left alone, but some of it winds up with parts of stories rewriting other parts of stories. My project is a trilogy with short stories, with two of the three books written and the rest ‘in progress’, and all of my character sheets/place descriptions/etc. in its own outside-of-Draft folder, so as you can guess, each mixup takes me some time and effort to straighten out!

For what it’s worth, I have just started using Sync to External Folder for different reasons, but I absolutely don’t want the whole project sync’ing. So what I have done is set up a search collection based on an appropriate status label, and have set it so that only documents in that collection sync. To add a document, I give it that label; when done, removing the label removes it from the collection and it no longer sync’s.
I’ve only just started using this system for real, but it might be worth your thinking about.




OK. I think that may have been the clue I needed. I was syncing everything and my deleted articles was getting restored. I’m only syncing to use ProWriting Aid to review monthly articles.

So, to only sync the particular articles about to be used and getting final editing, I cleared and then deleted the entire synced folder. then created a collection with the monthly articles that need to be checked. then set sync to sync “contents of the Draft folder” and “only documents in collection” - and choose collection.

Then manually (instead of on entry and exit), sync.

After reviewing with prowriting aid re-enter scrivener and sync again.

What do I do next month when I have a new collection. Do I need to manually using file manager delete the old sync so they don’t come back like my trash was?

Can’t actually answer that yet, as I haven’t reached that point, but I assume removing the status removes it from the collection as a first step. If necessary it would then be possible to delete the file manually from the Sync folder.

I’m very occupied with other concerns at the moment, but will get back when I’ve had a chance to check.