RC17: text missing and manuscript word count target no longer being tracked

Two issues I’ve noticed in the current RC:

  1. I closed Scrivener last night so that I could shut my laptop down. I just opened Scrivener again to keep working on a WIP and everything I had written since I updated to RC17 was missing.

  2. Scrivener is no longer tracking the manuscript word count of the aforementioned WIP. I can only start tracking the overall word count again if I copy everything over to a new project. Other projects that I worked on prior to updating to RC17 are unaffected.

I’m running the 64-bit version on Windows 10.

Are you saving your project to a cloud-sync service (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.)? This kind of data loss can occur if you shut down the computer before the project has finished syncing to the cloud.

Does using the File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes option bring the word count back up?

I’m not saving to a cloud service. Everything is saved to my laptop’s hard drive.

And no, using that command doesn’t bring my manuscript’s word count back up :confused: At least one other user is having the same issue as me, though (thread).

Regarding the target count, the options are set to only be showing the count for the current compile group. If you open File > Compile, is the content list on the right set the way you expect, with “Manuscript” selected in the dropdown at the top and the chapter documents listed for inclusion below? Is their section type assigned to a layout that includes the document text? (You can see their section type in the contents list on the right, then check the assigned layout in the middle part of the compile window. Each of the section types will be listed with a little preview tile below showing the formatting, so you’re just checking to make sure some main text placeholder is there and not just a chapter number or such.)

As for the missing text, how was this situated in the project? Was it all in a new document and that document is not showing in the binder? Is the document there but contains no text in the editor? Had you updated multiple documents that now are all reverted to an earlier state? If you could elaborate a bit on this it might help us figure out what could have happened.

If your project is set to make automatic backups on close (the default), have you checked to see if the backup contains the lost work? You can access the backup folder via the Backup tab of File > Options and see if there’s one matching the date/time you closed with the work still intact. The default is to save the backups as ZIP files, so you’ll need to right-click and choose to extract the contents to another location, then open the project from there. If it contains the missing pieces, you could either make this the new working project, deleting the old one, or, if you’ve since made changes to the original, you could open both projects side by side and copy text or drag and drop binder items from the backup to the original. After that you can delete the extracted backup copy.

I ended up fixing my word count issue from reading the thread I linked in my last post. Ticked ‘Count current compile group only’ and it’s counting my entire manuscript again. Phew! relieved sigh

Basically, the missing text was all from the document I had been working on when I shut Scrivener down - I had created it in the Manuscript folder months ago (I had RC11 installed at the time) and had finally finished the chapter in question that evening. Fortunately I’d backed it up elsewhere so I didn’t lose any of my work. And yep, I’d also updated other documents in the Manuscript folder but they had all reverted to an earlier version (that I was able to fix thanks to my backup).

I checked my backups, and the lost text is in the backup for the morning of the 13th (I’m guessing because I went into the Word document that houses my manuscript and copied it over). However it’s not in my backup for the night of the 12th, which is when I had closed Scrivener down to shut down my laptop.