[RC18 BUG?] Special Characters in Scratchpad Notes' Titles

Scrivener for Windows 3 RC18
Version Beta (1204128) 64-bit - 17 Feb 2021
running on Windows 10 Home

I frequently name my notes in the scratchpad with special characters. A few releases back I went through the ASCII table in the order of the character value—trying a majority of the special characters in the title of the note to identify which were allowed and their order—and made a note entitled:

! # $ % & + - (PERIOD) (NUMBERS) ; @ (UPPERCASE) ^ _ ` (LOWERCASE) ~

At the time, all these special characters were allowed, and I knew that if I created a new note with a ! as the first character it would far up on my list when I re-opened the scratchpad, and this particular note would always be first in the notes list (unless I were, for some reason, later create a note that began with two exclamation marks.)

And, until RC18 all was well and good. But today, I cannot rename the “untitled note” with a pound sign (#) character in it—yes, I’m a boomer; for you young 'uns, it’s today called a hashtag.

Was that character causing problems and intentionally removed?

Were any others?

Or is this a new bug?

I’m afraid to edit any note that has a special character in the title now.

Some further notes about the characters that were allowed, specifically the capitalized words in parenthesis (apparently parentheses were/are allowed, but since I used them as follows I didn’t explicitly mention them):

  1. b[/b] The period character
  2. b[/b] Represents all numbers collectively
  3. b[/b] Represents all uppercase letters collectively
  4. b[/b] Represents all lowercase letters collectively

These were all characters that were allowed in the notes title, but I just wanted to reference where they came in the order (collectively) didn’t want write them all out.

The exception was the period character. Even though a period is an allowed character (in that Scrivener didn’t give me any popup dialog complaining about it) if I named a note “This.That”, when I closed the scratchpad and brought it back up “This.That” (which on the filesystem is named “This.That.rtf”) shows up in the notes list as “This”, so I don’t use periods in notes names (and perhaps Scrivener should disallow it as well.)

I suppose, now that this massive missive is composed, I could have spent less time on it by simply moving away from pound signs in my note titles, but when something changes suddenly I need to know if it was a feature or a bug.

EDIT: And now that I’ve posted this, # works!

As a British Boomer, I think I have the right to point out that # is not and never has been a “pound sign”! The “pound sign” is £!



Indeed. And it’s not a hashtag, it’s a hash — hence the practice of using it to tag people or subjects becoming called hash tagging.

It’s properly the octothorpe.

Mark and Devin: Arghh.

Devin (re: octothorpe): Showoff.

When’s L&L going to weigh in on why I first saw this problem—and then didn’t—or whether they should stop allowing periods in note titles?

Actually, never mind that. There’s no need to discuss. If they want to get rid of the period, that’s something they can just do without acknowledging it. I’d prefer their attention remain focused where it will accomplish the most good.

I really only need to hear from them if there’s something I should be doing differently.