[RC18] congratulations and a question

I’ve really noticed striking performance improvements in the last couple of betas: Scrivenings view (for 10-12,000 word chapters) now loads almost instantly. And I’m excited to see so many updated RCs with no change to their expiry date; feels as if we really are almost there! So, congrats and many thanks to the devs and everyone who’s been testing and submitting bug reports.

Just one question: in RC17 & 18, I notice that Scrivener now does a back-up every time you close a project, whereas it used to only back-up if you had actually changed something. Is that by design? And, if so, is there any benefit to it? For a large project (even stored on an SSD, like mine), it takes a while to back up, which is very slightly irritating if you haven’t made any changes to the project,