RC18 Downloading from website

Chrome and Windows don’t like RC18 exe. Chrome tells me it has to send the file for “advanced verification”, I try and that fails. If I try to open it anyway, windows shows me a smartscreen message telling me the file can damage my computer (unknown provider). Maybe there’s no certificate in the executable? I’ve never noticed that message before when installing Scrivener.

I’ve had no problems with RC17 or previous versions, I always downloaded them from literatureandlatte.com website (I’ve never used the “Check for Updates” feature from Scrivener).

Update: from inside RC17, it downloads fine. Windows doesn’t show me a “it will damage” error, it shows only a question if I want to allow a software from Unknown Provider to make changes to my computer. I clicked “yes” and it is installing.

Update 2: It didn’t install. It freezes at the end, unpacking Qt5WebEngineCore.dll.

Update 3: I downloaded from website again, ignored the messages it would damage my computer, and it finally installed.

Thanks for pointing this out, tfontoura. For some reason the x64 full installer is not properly signed as you have noticed. The automatic update installer is signed properly. We will update the full installer. Meanwhile using the not fully signed installer and ignoring the warnings should be OK too.