RC18 - Lagging and Writing Speed

I have a large project in Scrivener (about 208Mb), with several web pages, PDFs, images and other information.

Until RC17, everything was working fine, but now the project is lagging: I write at a faster speed than what it is being shown, sometimes taking up to half a second for the word to showcase. I write with a Razer Blackwidow X.

This is not related to hardware:

  • The same problem happens with other projects that are smaller
  • I have 32GB of ram, and only 31% is occupied.
  • I have about 300 Gb of space left in the drive (solid state).
  • I have a Ryzen 7 3rd gen, and only 5-7% of CPU is used.

I keep projects small, and use text mostly. After installing RC18 I noticed serious lag on these small projects, on two different machines. For me mostly lag in response to any mouse click, but also using keyboard shortcuts in binder pane, pasting text, etc. I don’t know how to give more specific feedback/info but am willing to do so if someone shows me how.

I notice it happens when I click on text entries that have thousands of lines (e.g., one has 5615 lines–I have a number of text files like that and it seems to be exclusively when I click on those that there is a problem with freezing, lagging, etc.). It is just text, though. Nothing else. All other release candidates did not show this behavior. My project folder is about 4 mb; not a massive project.

this may or not be at all relevant, but will mention in case.

Working with a few still rather small projects (by size comparison, – on iPad, after DropBox synchronizations – I seem to see the battery usage quite high. Or the battery is finally dying.

The effect seems strong enough that I started looking into replacing the iPad.

I don’t have a near experience of noticing this prior to RC18, but that may not have meaning as iPad effort was much less consistent until recently

How this could relate to performance on Scriv 3 Windows would be a fairly long shot, one would think, but because software, and far too much experience there, choose to mention.

Feel free to ignore…unless…