RC18-+: one more when you get to the installer --not a prime

but polish.

Attached is a screenshot after admin installing RC18. You can see there are two listed installs.

I had cleaned out the prior four extra installs (via Control Panel) prior to installing RC17, as I was doing a fully-clean-machine install for the issue Jennifer so nicely closed.

What happens as you’ll realize is that the current installer leaves around registry items from past installs, when it runs. It’s been so for a long time, memory says.

But again, for the present, can be just an item on a list…


This is a long-standing issue that many have already noted and will require L&L to do a rework of the installer routine they are using. There is a bug number for it, but my understanding is that this work is sufficiently involved that it will not be tackled until after 3.0 releases, at which point (presumably) other installer-related issues (like asking for admin permissions at run-time when run non-privileged) will also be addressed.