[RC19] Emptying 'Trash' has negative impact on writing history

Not so much a bug, more of an odd behaviour.

Scenario: I did a major re-jiggle of my project last week which resulted in dozens of files going into Trash. When I finally looked in Trash today to see what was there, and deleted everything, my writing history is now showing negative 30,000 words for March!

When I move a file into Trash, the writing history is not affected. Stuff in the Trash folder seems to still be seen as part of the project when it probably shouldn’t be.

When I then empty Trash, this action THEN has a negative impact on writing history.

Surely the negative impact should come when I move the file into Trash, since I’m putting it there because I don’t want it any more?

Having ‘negative’ writing days feels really odd to me anyway, as some days I just do editing. I think personally I’d prefer a “number of words written” plus a “net number of words written”. At least I can keep track of why on some days my amount is so much less and it would probably reduce the confusion over stuff like this too.