RC19 - Time for a full release.....

So, it’s RC19, hopes of a full release before March dashed.

Seriously, I’m about to run out of fingers and toes… Beyond 20, I can’t count.


I guess it doesn’t matter from a functionality point of view, but yes, I was pretty surprised by the RC count. I have been in software development since 1972, Most recently as Software Architect on ‘Glyphworks’ and ‘Designlife’ and I have never seen a product go beyond RC3. However, bear in mind the size of the team involved in this (wonderful) product - just a couple of guys up against it!

I’m chill. It’s Saturday night and I’m working on my next book.

Was just taking the p…

I’m no language historian—I can’t recall the technical name for a “language historian” at the moment—but I’m fairly certain running out of fingers and toes was probably the reason numbers were invented in the first place, so you’ve got nothing to worry about there.

Because L&L, in their wisdom, called it RC19, not RC-"Ten Fingers and Nine Toes."

And, not that I care personally, but I do not understand why so many beta/RC users complain about this so much. The RC is mostly stable (if still lacking in some Mac-version features in their entirety) and, better yet, free.

As long as the features L&L is currently including—which, right now, is sufficient to get most work done—work as they should (which is true most of the time) I’m happy to keep using the free version until I can buy the final release.

I’m still amazed at all the Windows V1whiners (for lack of a more polite term) on Twitter and whatnot complaining that V3 isn’t out yet, rather than getting over here and helping to test (and enjoy the benefits of) the RCs.

And did I mention it’s free? Lazarus Long (a Robert Heinlein character, if’n you don’t know) was wrong when he said “Anything free is worth what you pay for it.”

This version is free and worth at least a few dollars, even in its pre-release state.

I agree Micah
I can’t imagine going back to Version One (although I did pay for a second (never installed) copy over a year ago, in preparation for the full V3 version).
Scrivener is a sophisticated product and thereby I have learnt so much by using V3 and following the forums here (and exploring what the suggestions mean for my use of Scrivener in the context of my PhD project). Thank you so much to the development team and to the community here.

I’m still running 1.9 for my current WIP and am testing, sort of working in v3 beta to get used to it. Th only reason I haven’t moved the WIP to the RC betas is simple…I am uncertain the best way to set up the project.

When I started with v1, I imported a bunch of word files and really hadn’t set up the project initially figuring I would figure out while I used the app… which I did, however, I know it’s not optimal. I am concerned about doubling down on that with another lift and shift, as it were

Am I being a big scaredy cat and it’ll be fine to set things up as I use it OR should I pretend it’s a new project set it up, export my WIP to .rtf files and then import them in?

Any thoughts?

Interesting discussion:
Being released doesn’t magically fix the code.
So RC19 or Windows version 3.0 Same code.

the difference is the cost.
If you want to pay for it, buy the version1. I did that a year ago even though I have never installed version one.

I have paid for release software. Final Draft 11 on release had no clue how do deal with high DPI screens and to this day the code is so bad that just sitting there on my machine with a 12 page screenplay not typing my CPU runs at 15-22% cutting my battery life in half. This issue was reported months ago.

The last update seems to know its on battery and cut that in half. But from what I can tell they are writing code in 1980’s style polling for change loops vs using interrupts to decided when to update the editor. But hey its not RC19 for free its FD 11 for $300 bucks.

Yes missing dates feels like a problem. We all love Scotty who tells Kirk it will be a day and fixes it in 15 minutes. But in this case, they are forgoing revenue because they believe a released version needs to meet some standards.

As someone who started in software in the 1980s, I have in the last 10 years seen that standard erode. Because hey its the cloud we can just push an update. Ship it and charge. them to find our bugs.

So for them I hope they meet the standard so they can start making money off all this work, but me. I feel pretty well cared about.

Read my reply above! I was taking the piss!

I’m totally happy with the RC’s and ‘free’ (for the time being) Scriv 3 Win.

Ah. That’s what that meant. I’m unfamiliar with the phrase in this context, I must say. (Well, I am now. I just searched google for it.)

I wasn’t frustrated at you, per se, so much as the truly vocal whiners I listen to on @ScrivenerApp on Twitter.

Scrivener v3 Beta - Finest software I’ve never paid for.